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Stone Levy's decision to use Bill4Time as their all-in-one case management and accounting software allowed them to open their boutique law firm while avoiding the challenges faced with previous software used during their time in Big Law. A crucial factor in their decision was the ability to use Bill4Time’s flat-fee, task-based billing feature — eliminating the tenuous process of manual calculations, and instead billing and invoicing clients with only a few clicks. Ultimately, Bill4Time’s flexible billing and invoicing allowed Stone Levy to start and manage their small firm independently and maintain their focus on practicing law rather than back-office operations.


Bill4Time’s Account Owner, Luke O'Halek, walks you through why it's more important than ever to track time as a flat fee biller. From avoiding costly audits to increasing your efficiency, time tracking is a must for any modern law firm. 

Bill4Time’s Product Owner, Elizabeth Reuter, covers the ins and outs so you leave this webinar with confidence to streamline your law firm’s billing and invoicing process.

Bill4Time Payments Specialist, Clare Reilly, discusses how your firm can leverage Bill4Time’s native online payments processor, to eliminate the need for manual data entry with automated invoicing, and close invoices up to 20% faster.

Bill4Time’s Product Owner, Elizabeth Reuter, and Practice Management Consultants, Renee Parker and Lindsay Knight, will share their knowledge and discuss what insights these popular Bill4Time reports can provide.

Bill4Time Payments Specialist, Jehrel Williams, walks through how to utilize payment plans to drive improvements in your firm’s cash flow, client satisfaction, and financial management. This webinar reviews the benefits of payment plans in Bill4Time.

Bill4Time Payments Specialists, Zach Herrmann and Clare Reilly, will take a deep dive into Bill4Time Payments and discuss how your law firm can utilize it to optimize its billing and payment collection process.

Bill4Time’s Product Owner, Elizabeth Reuter, and Practice Management Consultants, Renee Parker and Lindsay Knight, will share their knowledge and discuss tips and tricks on how to maximize your time with Bill4Time.

Bill4Time Payments Specialist, Jehrel Williams, will walk through how to leverage Bill4Time Payments at your law firm. Bill4Time Payments, offers robust reporting tools to help you keep up with your cash flow and gain data-driven insights into your firm’s performance.


Proper lawyer time tracking helps firms bill accurately, measure profitability, and identify areas where efficiency can be optimized. In this guide, we will explore the importance of precise lawyer time tracking, how to overcome common time tracking challenges, and how to choose the best legal time tracking software to support your business.

As a law firm, one of the biggest challenges you face is ensuring that you get paid for your services. Invoicing can be a time-consuming and complicated process, but with the right legal billing software, you can simplify the billing process and accelerate your revenue. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore what makes a billing software easy to use and how you can find the best solution for your law firm’s needs.

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Stay up to date with the most recent Bill4Time updates and improvements along with tips and tricks to guide you through our easy legal billing software. View helpful articles that discuss topics like:

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