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Learn how your clients and your bottom line get affected by adopting new processes at your firm to collect payments.

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  • Data insights to increase law firm revenue
  • Keys to predictable cash flow
  • Processes that enable quicker client payment

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The legal industry has been slow to adopt modern advancements in technology. Sending invoices and waiting for paper checks became the norm for many law firms. However, when the pandemic struck, firms scrambled to predict cash flow and were forced to adopt new methods of payment to stay operational. 

This guide focuses on strategies law firms can use to speed up collections, and specifically looks at the impact ePayments has had on accounts receivable departments in the first quarter of 2021. 

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Simplified Setup

Bill4Time invoice templates are easy to brand and even easier to use. Save time with write-up and write-down features, recurring flat fee and custom rates.

Say goodbye to third party processors and hello to a robust, all-in-one payment solution. You can work smarter, by having everything you need in one place.

Lawyers can lose more than 30% of their billables due to ineffective time tracking systems. With Bill4Time you can easily and accurately capture every minute.

And so much more...

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Lawyers need a dependable solution that allows them to easily track hours, manage documents, invoice clients, and guide to partners. Old technology is cumbersome and inefficient. Bill4Time allows your firm to practice more, and manage less.

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