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Learn why thousands of legal professionals turn to Bill4Time.

Bill4Time offers modern practice management software for firms that need to hit deadlines by executing their tasks, correctly track billable hours and invoice clients the first time, and provide their clients with the type of legal representation they can trust and depend on.

With matters management, trust and IOLTA accounting, document management, easy conflict checks and more, Bill4Time provides a complete end to end solution that gives professionals the ability to manage their firm from any device at anytime.
With Bill4Time, your information is safe and secure with 256-bit data encryption and local data backup.
Everything your firm needs to practice more, and manage less.

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Cpaterra 5 star rating




"Easy to use, allows me to easily keep track of small amounts of billable time without a hassle that ultimately defeats the purpose."
Nanci Sebo, Golddesk Graphic Design

"I have recommended Bill4Time to other solos and small practice firms, and everyone who followed my recommendation thanked me. It is not an exaggeration to say that this program pays for itself.
Dan Saliba, CPA Partner

“Very, very easy to use. Customer support is excellent! We had TimeSlips prior to Bill4Time and we are so happy that we made the change.”
Linda Hart, Attorney

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